Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chaos and confusion as Australia's Leftist government tries to find a solution to illegal immigration

They seem however to be going slowly down the path that worked well for the previous conservative goverenment

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen will head to East Timor to revive plans for an offshore immigration processing facility following talks between Julia Gillard and Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao. The Prime Minister spoke yesterday to Mr Gusmao and asked whether she could dispatch Mr Bowen to discuss the processing centre with his East Timorese counterpart.

It comes as political controversy has again erupted over boat arrivals and Australia's system of mandatory detention with a suicide and two days of protests at Sydney's Villawood facility.

Detention facilities are overcrowded. Mental health experts and refugee advocates believe this has contributed to the incidents this week, although the asylum seekers appear to have protested in an effort to have their claims reconsidered.

Plans for an offshore processing centre have faced strong resistance in East Timor since they were first mentioned by Ms Gillard earlier this year, and Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd was quick to indicate after the election that it would be Mr Bowen who would deal with the issue.

The East Timorese Government has signalled it wants the issue of a processing centre resolved through regional dialogue, not through a bilateral deal with Australia. It has however left itself open to talks with Australia.

Yesterday's discussion between the Prime Minister and Mr Gusmao comes as Mr Rudd is due to meet the East Timorese Foreign Minister Zacarias da Costa at the United Nations in New York.

The deal comes as the head of a government advisory group on asylum seekers warned incidents of self harm at Villawood were the beginnings of a detention system spiralling out of control.

Monash professor of psychiatry Louise Newman said conditions would likely deteriorate at other detention centres across Australia and chastised the government for failing to learn from the past.

Already, men have broken out of Darwin detention centre to stage roadside protests and others fought with tree branches and pool cues in a mass riot on Christmas Island.

"There is a shocking sense of de ja vu," Dr Newman said. "We're seeing the tragic repetition of the same risk factors that we know are predictive of the sorts of problems we saw in Woomera and Baxter."

Nine Chinese nationals on the roof of the stage two accommodation building had climbed up just after 8am yesterday in the same area where Fijian detainee Josefa Rauluni, 36, died in an apparent suicide on Monday.

Speaking through a translator last night, one of the detainees said one of the men had cut himself and was lying unconscious on the roof. The nine include four women, one of whom Xiao Yun, 32, says she is two and a half months pregnant. Ms Yun was detained upon arriving in Australia in early April after she was caught on a fake passport. She has been in Villawood since. Ms Yun said the group were Falun Gong or Christian and feared persecution if returned to China.


Legitimizing Illegal Immigrant Chameleons?

A news report appeared in the Sunday, September 19th edition of the Washington Times. It is of great importance to the citizens of our nation, just as I am certain that this story is of great concern to the citizens of Denmark.

The story deals with an individual who was arrested in Denmark after a bomb he was preparing prematurely detonated, seriously wounding him. When you read the story I want you to take particular care to note just how carefully he took a variety of measures to conceal his true identity- even down to his religion!

Why should this concern citizens of the United States? Consider that if the administration was to enact "Comprehensive Immigration Reform," unknown millions, likely tens of millions, of "undocumented" illegal aliens who haven't a shred of official documentation to attest to who they truly are.

I have often noted that the difference between a "good guy" and a "bad guy" is that when the good guy wakes up he goes through his belongings to decide on what to wear while the bad guy wakes up and goes through his "stuff" and decides who he wants to be that day!

Now imagine the following: the hapless adjudications officers at USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services - the agency that would be put in charge of administering this ill-conceived program) would probably be told that they have about ten minutes to adjudicate the applications. Ten minutes to assess them for participation in Comprehensive Immigration Reform. This program would put the aliens on a "pathway to United States citizenship" as the administration and "leaders" in Congress are pushing so hard to provide.

By what process would adjudications officers decide on the name to be imprinted on the identity documents? The documents they would provide to these tens of millions of illegal aliens who cannot prove who they are?

Running the fingerprints of a terrorist or criminal who has never been fingerprinted in our country will likely yield a "clean record" and a false name provided by a terrorist or criminal would conceal the true identity of the applicant for participation in Comprehensive Immigration Reform- the "Keys to the Kingdom!"

What must be remembered is that criminals and terrorists all do everything in their power to conceal their true identities in order to hide in plain sight or, in the vernacular employed by the 9/11 Commission, to embed themselves. For a bad guy, changes in identity serve the same purpose that chameleons and other predatory creatures employ to conceal themselves among their intended victims.

Our leaders continually remind us that where the war on terror is concerned, the United States has to get it right 100% of the time to protect our nation and our citizens, while the terrorists need only get it right once in order to succeed in attacking our nation and killing our citizens! How would providing millions of illegal aliens work? Their simple presence in our country represents a violation of our laws. But providing them with lawful status and official identity documents would be happening even though there would be no realistic way that their true identities will ever be known. This means that their true names would be unknown and unknowable as well as their true nationalities, their potential criminal or terrorist backgrounds. Other such critically important information will likely never be determined.

Once again I will make the point that the leaders of our nation who are pushing for this insane program should be given the MVP (Most Valuable Player) award by al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations. They should also be given the MVP award by criminals from the four corners of this planet including the Mexican drug cartels. Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of DHS, the agency I have come to refer to as the Department Homeland Surrender, has conceded that more than 230 cities in the United States from coast to coast and border to border have been infested by these pernicious and extremely violent drug trafficking organizations.


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