Sunday, February 6, 2011

Britons most opposed to further immigration

Their steadily falling standards of living leave little credibility in the do-gooder claim that immigration is good for the economy. It might be true if the immigrants were all highly skilled or hard-working but many are simply third-world parasites on Britain's welfare State

Politicians were yesterday urged to step up immigration control after a survey showed Britons were more fearful about the issue than people in other countries.

Nearly a quarter – 23 per cent – of British people questioned called immigration the most important issue facing the country.
This compares with levels of between three and nine per cent in America, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Holland and Spain.

Nearly half – 47 per cent – believed immigrants were a burden on schools and hospitals and a third felt that they increased crime.

The Transatlantic Trends survey, commissioned by the US German Marshall Fund and other organisations, quizzed at least 1,000 people in each country last year. Fund president Craig Kennedy said: “This report is a wake-up call for the governments.”


Sheriff Joe Blasts ABC Over Biased 20/20 Segment

Only hours before ABC is set to air a 20/20 story that portrays the Arizona immigration law as something it’s not, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio fired off a scathing letter to the man behind the segment, 20/20 correspondent John Quinones.

The text of that letter appears below:
I have seen a portion of your piece set to air tonight on 20/20 which shows how you think SB 1070 (Arizona’s new immigration law) will be enforced in Arizona by law enforcement professionals. This “staged reporting” couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, your story is replete with untruths and conjecture and has several nefarious motives – to enflame the public – to embarrass the State of Arizona in front of a national audience not unlike what New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg did earlier this week- and to bring discredit to law enforcement professionals in general.

This staged and silly report depicts a security guard who walks into a Tucson taco house demanding to see proof of the patron’s citizen papers because some of the people there “look Mexican” and if they are in the U.S. illegally, your actor claims they “should be deported.”

No law enforcement officer properly trained in SB 1070 rules and regulations would ever conduct himself in such a manner. If there were proof that one of my deputies did what this story shows, he would be severely disciplined and would likely lose his/her job. Law enforcement professionals cannot inquire about someone’s immigration status simply because we think someone may be here illegally. That’s what your story leads your viewers to believe and it is summarily untrue.


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