Wednesday, June 15, 2011

France to deport more Romanian Gypsies after discovering they are behind 80% of street crime

The vast majority of street robberies in Paris are now carried out by the children of Romanian immigrants, France’s Interior Minister has claimed. Claude Gueant said the notoriously poor and corrupt eastern European state is responsible for exporting some of the most notorious sneak thieves in the world.

Many operate in gangs around the Gare du Nord Eurostar station, preying on English travellers as they arrive by high-speed train from London.

Last year France launched an onslaught against illegal Roma camps full of Romanian immigrants which had sprung up around the French capital. In an interview with the Journal du Dimanche newspaper, Mr Gueant said: ‘Many illegal camps were evacuated. ‘However, we have to face up to another problem, that of Romanian delinquency. In Paris, 80 per cent of street robberies are committed by Romanian minors.

‘Along with the Romanian authorities, we are taking action against this delinquency, which is organised around cities and by mafia gangs.’ Paris police confirmed that there were now ‘dozens’ of Romanian gangs operating around major tourists attractions, and at transport hubs.

Passengers arriving at the Gare du Nord are often swamped by up to 10 Romanian girls asking ‘Do you speak English?’ and holding out their hands. Bodily contact is commonplace, with the girls delving into pockets and bags as they surround their victims.

Meanwhile, hardened male criminals will keep watch, or intervene with violence if anybody tries to fight the girls off.

Young boys also snatch phones and wallets from people sitting on the outside terraces of Paris caf├ęs, while underground Metro passengers find themselves surrounded by crowd of youngsters who will pickpocket them.

‘Such scenarios take place all over Paris, and it is a growing problem,’ said a police spokesman. ‘We can disperse the children momentarily, but in the end they are minors and there is very little action we can take as far as holding them in custody is concerned.’

Mr Gueant, one of the most hardline French Interior Ministers in recent history, has not only pledged to deport immigrant criminals, but also wants to reduce the amount of legal immigration into France.

Earlier this month he met British Home Secretary Theresa May in Calais, where he pledged to reduce the number of migrants crossing over to Britain to claim asylum or disappear into the black economy.

Last year, the EU blocked Romania and Bulgaria from joining the EU’s passport-free travel zone because of fears of an influx of organised criminals.

Romania, which joined the EU in 2007, has also faced major problems as a centre for drugs and people trafficking.

Around 2000 Roma people, including many Romanians, are believed to live in France. Under EU citizenship rules, Roma people have the right to move to France but must have work permits to stay for longer than three months.


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