Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Freeze immigration and put British people first, says Labour Party guru

Insists 'Britain is not an outpost of the UN'

Britain should freeze immigration to stop foreign workers taking jobs from Britons, according to one of Ed Miliband’s key policy gurus. Lord Glasman, who was appointed to the House of Lords by the Labour leader, said the country was not a United Nations ‘outpost’.

The peer also called for the UK to renegotiate rules allowing the free movement of migrant workers within the EU – a proposal that Mr Miliband insisted his close friend had not discussed with him.

Lord Glasman told the Daily Telegraph: ‘We’ve got to re-interrogate our relationship with the EU on the movement of labour. ‘Britain is not an outpost of the UN. We have to put the people in this country first. The EU has gone from being a sort of pig farm-subsidised bloc to the free movement of labour and capital.’

Lord Glasman, a politics lecturer and social thinker, said it may be necessary to stop immigration for a while to put British workers at the front of the queue for new jobs. Such a move would also make it easier for the genuinely deserving to be let into the country if they had in-demand skills, he suggested.

Lord Glasman said: ‘We should be more generous and friendly in receiving those [few] who are needed. To be more generous, we have to draw the line.’

As founder of ‘Blue Labour’, which mixes the principles of faith, flag and family with socialism, he has admitted his views can be ‘more conservative than the Conservatives’ and has accused Labour of lying over immigration.

Yesterday, Mr Miliband tried to play down the significance of his comments, adding: ‘I’ve said in the past we’ve underestimated the impact of Polish migration to Britain. It’s quite hard to negotiate the terms of free movement of labour.’

He said the right solution was to ‘have a firm immigration policy, also to provide people with the guarantees that they need in relation to wages and conditions which is one of the biggest worries that people have about some of the migration that we’ve seen’.

But he was urged to heed Lord Glasman’s advice by Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the MigrationWatch campaign group, who said: ‘It’s quite clear that Ed Miliband still doesn’t get it if he’s talking about Polish migration when 80 per cent of net migration under Labour was from outside the EU. The public are going to get very tired of continuing Labour evasion on a matter of deep and widespread concern.’

However, Sir Andrew admitted: ‘Although Lord Glasman understands the depth of public feeling on immigration, renegotiating the free movement of people is over the top. It is simply not practicable.’

Ministers want to cut immigration to tens of thousands a year. But Lord Glasman’s renegotiation plan goes even further than calls by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith for bosses to employ young Britons ahead of foreigners.


Continuing riots and protests at Australian immigration detention centres

These are an excellent way of publicizing the fact that most illegals simply get locked up. They should deter future illegal arrivals

ANOTHER protest has broken out at the Christmas Island detention centre with at least three asylum seekers taking to the rooftop of the facility to wage a "peaceful protest".

The assistance of the Australian Federal Police was required overnight at the island's North West Point facility after about 50 detainees were involved in a disturbance.

The detainees caused damage to the centre and lit small fires, some in rubbish bins, which were quickly extinguished by detention centre managers Serco.

"There's been some disruptive behaviour within the compound overnight. The Australian Federal Police was called in to assist. It was serious enough to warrant their involvement," an Immigration Department spokesman said this morning.

By this morning, the AFP had restored order to the facility and the disruptive asylum seekers are now being monitored in the common area of the compound known as the "green heart".

Under changes to the Migration Act which passed the parliament earlier this month, any detainee who is convicted of an offence in immigration detention will automatically fail the "character test".

An immigration department spokesman warned that disruptive behaviour could affect visa processing outcomes and said the department found the conduct of those involved disappointing. "This kind of behaviour can effect the processing of a visa," said the spokesman.

However, according to Social Justice Network spokesman Jamal Daoud, about 200 detainees were involved in setting fire to rubbish bins and other materials at the centre late last night. He could not say what started the trouble. "There are three on the roof protesting," he said.

On Sunday night, a group of 11 asylum seekers climbed on the roof at the detention centre's main compound, which mainly holds single adult males. They climbed down on Monday.


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