Sunday, December 4, 2011

US lawmakers clash over criminal illegal immigrants

US politicians Wednesday clashed over how many undocumented migrants who have may committed crimes are free in the United States pending deportation -- a key figure for gauging the success of immigration policies.

Republican House leaders in early November asked the Obama administration to hand over the names and details of about 300,000 illegal immigrants freed since 2008 and who may have committed crimes.

Republican Elton Gallegly stressed there was a need to determine how dangerous a person is before they are set free.

But an official with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said he was not aware of any figures.

"I'm not familiar with the figure you released, 300,000 criminal aliens back on the streets. I can tell you we've removed more criminal illegals last year than ever before. We're working at almost full capacity in terms of removals," ICE official Gary Mead told the hearing.

"It would be extremely rare for us to knowingly let a serious criminal offender walk loose in the community," he stressed.

The federal government recently said it would review pending deportation cases to prioritize those who are deemed dangerous.

An estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants live in the United States. And immigration is a major issue ahead of the presidential elections in November 2012.

Republicans, who generally take a tougher tack on enforcing penalties for illegal immigrants, have slammed the ICE's current policy priorities.

Mead said President Barack Obama's administration has deported record numbers of undocumented people, about 400,000 last year.


California Dream Act: 3 times more costly than previously projected

New research suggests that the recently passed California Dream Act may actually cost taxpayers more than originally estimated. Due in part to continually rising tuition costs, the revised estimated figure stands at $65 million per year, starting in 2013. This is more than 3 times the initial estimate.

Consequently, the amount of funds available to legal California residents applying for student aid will be impacted. There will be less funding available which will be more widely distributed. The end result is less funding available for legal California residents per individual.

Critics have long asserted that in light of current economic conditions, passage of the Dream Act was and is a misguided option, unfair to legal residents, and representative of thinking based on unrealistic evaluations of current financial and economical trends. Many feel that financial aid to illegal citizens should only be considered in a scenario where a surplus of funding exists, not when state and federal budgets are in a state of extreme deficit.

Those who support a referendum on the Dream Act should contact their local state representatives before January 6th. At least 505,000 signatures are needed in order to put the measure on the November, 2012 ballot. The referendum, sponsored by State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly of Hesperia, primarily deals with the second part of the Dream Act. This is the provision that allows for undocumented citizens to apply for taxpayer funded state aid. "This is a really, really bad idea," Donnelly said. “At a time when we're broke, when we have two million people unemployed, when state colleges are underfunded and overbooked, we're creating a brand new entitlement." Donnelly also believes the Dream act will create further incentive for increased illegal immigration.


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  1. AB 131 is against the CA Education Code and is therefore, Illegal:

    Here's the full article on how it is going to cost $65 Million and WILL HURT Legal California Residents getting financial aid:

    With the heavy recruitment of out-of-state and Foreign Nationals who can pay nearly twice the in-state tuition rate to refund our defunct education system (and who don't qualify for State aid but still "pay into the system"), Legal Californian Residents and Legal Immigrants will be “priced out” and “placed out” of THEIR American Dream, THEIR higher education.

    And here’s how AB 131 does not help anyone:

    AB 131 is against the CA Education Code and is therefore, Illegal:

    Here’s what will happen when AB 131 Illegal Alien Students get a free CA higher education at the expense of (mostly) Middle Class Legal CA Residents and Legal Immigrants and cannot be legally employed: They go back to their “home country”, even though “USA is the only home I know.”:

    Join to find out where to sign repeal petitions and how to help.