Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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Congressional Testimony

1. Document Fraud in Employment Authorization: How an E-Verify Requirement Can Help


2. Obama Administration Doesn't Want to Enforce the Immigration Laws


3. Maps Show 330 Illegal Alien Crossing Ariz. Border in One Night in March, Including Ultralight Incursion

4. These Aren't the Illegal Aliens You're Looking For

5. Political Muscle Curtails Effort to Reform Program that Displaces American Workers in the Name of Cultural Exchange

6. A Hierarchy of Immigration Policy Problem

7. Arizona Border Incursion in Camouflage, Non-Tracking Gear

8. In Defense of Arizona's Immigration Law SB1070

9. No Pay, No Stay: Mitt Romney's Real Immigration Position Vindicated

10. Administration Moves Ahead on Three More Little Amnesties

11. Video: Immigrant Workers and the Buckle of the Raisin Belt

12. Former Arizona State Sen. Russell Pearce's Q&A with Sen. Chuck Schumer: Caricature and Reality

13. Meet Larry Dever – An Arizona Sheriff Who's No Joe Arpaio

14. USCIS Leans over Backwards to Facilitate the H-1B Program

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