Tuesday, June 26, 2012

UN migration chief calls on EU to force member states to be multicultural as he says Britain's quota 'not legal'

I am sure many Britons would have strong views on where Mr Sutherland should put his internationalist opinions

The EU should make sure that its member states are multicultural to ensure the prosperity of the union, the UN's special representative for migration has said.  Peter Sutherland also suggested the UK government's immigration policy had no basis in international law.

He was being questioned by the Lords EU home affairs sub-committee which is investigating global migration.

Mr Sutherland, who is non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former chairman of oil giant BP, heads the Global Forum on Migration and Development, which brings together representatives of 160 nations to share policy ideas.

He told the House of Lords committee migration was a 'crucial dynamic for economic growth' in some EU nations 'however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states'.

He said that an ageing or declining native population in countries like Germany or southern EU states was the 'key argument and, I hesitate to the use word because people have attacked it, for the development of multicultural states'.

'It's impossible to consider that the degree of homogeneity which is implied by the other argument can survive because states have to become more open states, in terms of the people who inhabit them. Just as the United Kingdom has demonstrated.'

In evidence to the Lords committee, he urged EU member states to work together more closely on migration policy.

He criticised the UK's attempt to cut net migration from its current level to 'tens of thousands' a year through visa restrictions.

British higher education chiefs want non-EU overseas students to be exempt from migration statistics and say visa restrictions brought in to help the government meet its target will damage Britain's economic competitiveness.

Mr Sutherland, who has attended meetings of The Bilderberg Group, a top level international networking organisation often criticised for its alleged secrecy, called on EU states to stop targeting 'highly skilled' migrants, arguing that 'at the most basic level individuals should have a freedom of choice' about whether to come and study or work in another country.


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