Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Clear, Simple and Wrong Answers to the “Demographic Changes”

Since the day after the election Republicans have been analyzing, ruminating, whining and complaining about Mitt Romney’s performance and beseeching the Republican Party to now “reach out” to minorities, lest they not win another national election. Most of the suggestions offered not only wouldn’t work, they would likely lead to the destruction of the Republican Party.

It is, of course, part of the campaign process to study all voter groups, demographics and modern tribal affiliations, to attempt to identify areas of agreement with the candidate in the hopes of “reaching out” to gain their support. All successful candidates do this already. There is no need to admonish anyone on this point.

However, many in the news media and the Republican and Democrat Party have been pushing a concept that is born of faulty analysis and personal prejudice; the idea that the way to attract the Hispanic vote is to push an amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens currently in our country. This suggestion is plainly wrong and the result of political naivety, or sinister or outright stupidity.

H.L. Mencken once opined that, “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.

That statement applies 100% to the current discussion about how to attract Hispanic votes. Offering an amnesty, discussing an amnesty, supporting an amnesty, writing amnesty legislation and actually passing an amnesty for illegal aliens has all been done by Republicans in the past and not once did the Republican candidate for President get even close to 50% of the “Hispanic vote.”

Pew Hispanic Research reported on November 7th the Hispanic vote count for the last nine Presidential elections. The 1986 IRCA amnesty, the source of a lot of the “demographic changes” that we have seen for years but are only just hearing about now, didn’t help Republicans in even one subsequent election. John McCain failed to get one third of the Hispanic vote in 2008, and he actually wrote an amnesty bill with Ted Kennedy who was a big supporter of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, the other source of the “demographic changes.”

If the suggestions of these amnesty supporting dopes weren’t so pathetic they’d be laughable. I’ll summarize their plan:

    "The way for the Republican Party to gain support from low income Hispanic voters is to flood the country, and it would be a flood of Biblical proportions, with tens of millions more low income Hispanic workers who, once becoming citizens, would vote for…Republicans."

Any candidate who would believe this drivel is not smart enough to be in public office, even though it is a government job.

Latest example: The Orange Country California Republican Party is now “rethinking” its stance on immigration.

If true, then the Rinos (many are Democrats who re-registered when it was a Republican stronghold) who have been trying to take over that County’s Party since the early 1990s have finally succeeded. The statue of John Wayne at the local airport must be weeping.

Any candidate or organization that endorses this nonsense is corrupt and is more interested in the success of the Chamber of Commerce Clan, than the United States of America. Because, open borders and mass illegal immigration is allowed and encouraged by Democrats and Republicans alike because business needs a new generation of customers to take up the slack left by the Baby Boomer Consumers who are retiring out of their consuming careers at a rate of 10,000 a day.

Not that it makes one bit of difference to those who would sell us out, but, America is more than just an economy, and a great economy it is, or was. America is also the world power that has kept dictators in check for over half a century and freed more people from tyranny, poverty and disease than all the rest of the world’s nations added up throughout history.

American culture and ideals and power have created the world we live in.

In his book, The World America Made, Robert Kagan describes the “American World Order” which has existed since the end of WWII.

Regardless of the attitudes, feelings or beliefs of leftists, socialists, race hustlers and welfare recipients in the United States, it is America’s power that has created a world of relative peace and prosperity for the past 67 years.

Now, I will agree with the crybabies that the world isn’t perfect, far from it. But, it is the best world mankind has seen since Rome collapsed.

America’s power is a direct by-product of America’s wealth; its economy. That economy and power is threatened by the influx of low educated, low skilled people who are willing work in America at almost any wage as it really beats what they left behind. But, the damage from this influx is reflected, in part, in the “demographic changes” that seem to have only just been discovered by some of the political elite, but have, in fact, been the obvious result of our open border policies for years.

Reach out to every voting demographic, absolutely.  Only, don’t listen to those who offer simplistic suggestions, especially ones that have already been proven to be failures.

And, by all means, ignore the Democrats who are telling the Republicans how to “reach out” to anyone. That would go far beyond simple and wrong. It would be stupid.


Tony Blair peddles immigration myths

Big business support for his new pro-Europe campaign is nothing but naked self-interest, argues Jeff Randall.

Brilliant news for Eurosceptics: Tony Blair will this week wade into the debate over Britain’s membership of the European Union, claiming that our place at the “top table” has never been more important. At a speech in London, he will seek to rally business leaders behind his campaign for a “grand plan” to bolster the EU’s wobbling edifice.

For those hoping that the United Kingdom will cut its losses and wave goodbye to Brussels, it’s hard to think of an intervention more likely to help their cause. Mr Blair still has traction with some foreign bankers, daft enough to pay for his advice, but as far as domestic voters are concerned, he’s the political equivalent of the merchandise in Del Boy’s suitcase. The goods are not just damaged, they are damaged fakes.

For the purpose of brevity, let’s set aside judgment on the former prime minister’s illegal war in Iraq and focus on his clammy desire to dilute British sovereignty. Had Mr Blair got his way, sterling would have been scrapped and Britain rammed into the eurozone. Undeterred by the euro crisis, he is still urging ministers to keep open the option of joining, describing the possibility of our future participation as an “interesting choice”.

Then there is his record on EU immigration. It was Mr Blair who opened the door in 2004 to workers from accession states, insisting that the impact on our jobs market and social infrastructure would be minimal. Those who challenged this orthodoxy were condemned as racists and bigots.

As John Denham, Labour’s former business secretary, later admitted, we were told to expect 15,000 migrants a year from the new EU states, and “15,000 came to Southampton alone”. In the event, more than 700,000 East Europeans arrived in Britain and the vast majority have stayed.

The myth peddled by Blair’s acolytes – that high levels of immigration generated significant economic benefits for the existing UK population – was demolished in 2008 by a House of Lords select committee. It concluded: “We do not support the general claims that net immigration is indispensable to fill labour and skills shortages. Such claims are analytically weak and provide insufficient reason for promoting net immigration.” Reinforcing this point, the government’s Migration Advisory Committee recently confirmed that immigrants do “displace” some British workers – ie, take their jobs, most likely those at the bottom end of the pay ladder.

Embarrassed by indisputable evidence that Blair’s immigration wheeze (about 80 per cent of first-generation immigrants vote Labour) had “costs as well as benefits”, Ed Miliband now accepts that his party overlooked those who were being squeezed and was too quick to tell them to “like it or lump it”.

Overcoming Blair’s legacy is tougher than it seems, however, as we saw last week when a Labour council removed children from a home in Rotherham simply because the foster parents were members of Ukip. It is the mindset of Animal Farm: “All Immigration Good. All Opposition Bad”.

So what possesses Business for New Europe, the group hosting Blair this week, to align itself with such a discredited ambassador for the erosion of Britain’s independence? Is it anything more than a cynical assessment that all publicity is good publicity and that Blair guarantees headlines?

The answer is that big business has always been prepared to dress up grubby self-reward in the haute couture of national interest – and is at it again. At the CBI’s annual conference last week, its president, Sir Roger Carr, banged on about Europe being “the bedrock of our international trade” and about the need to extol “the virtues of future engagement”.

What he did not mention is that Britain’s annual net contribution to the European Union’s budget is more than £10 billion (equal to 25 per cent of our expenditure on defence). All to be in a club with which we have a monthly trading deficit of £4 billion-plus. With its sales to the UK worth £16 billion a month, why would the EU stop trading with us if we were to withdraw?

For Sir Roger and others like him, who run multinational corporations with brigades of advisers to handle Brussels directives, there are clear advantages to being part of a borderless EU, not least access to a pool of educated young people whose presence in Britain helps suppress local wage rates.

It’s a different story, however, for start-ups. The Federation of Small Business says: “Small businesses are often hampered by EU legislation. The flow of regulation on employment [and] environmental issues, as well as health and safety, can discourage businesses from expanding. It can even contribute to their closure.”

The CBI cannot have it both ways. It calls for the Government to help create a better skilled British workforce, yet there is no incentive for UK companies to invest in indigenous staff and train them properly if they have the alternative of hiring foreigners whose schooling has been funded by somebody else.

The impact of immigration on those living in Cotswolds manor houses is, clearly, not the same as it is on minimum-wage workers in Barking council flats. Tony Blair knows that, but could not care less.


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