Wednesday, February 20, 2013

David Cameron: Immigration rhetoric hasn't damaged relationship with India

David Cameron claims Britain's debate over immigration hasn't damaged our relationship with India, saying Indian students recognise the need for a "controlled" policy.

David Cameron, who is in New Delhi on an official visit to India, said that the students he had talked to during his tour understood the need for the UK to clampdown on bogus colleges which has previously offered young Indians an easy route into Britain.

The Prime Minister claimed that the Coalition inherited 180 "bogus" colleges in the UK that were helping Indians gain visas only for them to turn up "in the economy doing unskilled jobs".

Bonafide Indian students recognised why the Coalition had to shut them down, according to Mr Cameron.

"They recognise we are making a very generous offer in saying their is no limit to the number of students from India who can come and study at British universities."

His comments follow his announcement yesterday of plans to amend the visa system to allow Indians coming to the UK on business to get a visa in just one day.

Britain already runs the largest visa operation in the world in India, processing over 400,000 visa applications a year and granting 9 out of 10 applicants a visa, Mr Cameron said in Mumbai yesterday.


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