Thursday, February 16, 2012

Utah: America's Reddest State Has Lost Its Moral Compass on Illegal Immigration

After suffering legislative reverses in 2008 and 2010 when bills passed that mandated the use of E-Verify, Utah's large, pro-illegal alien establishment has reasserted its political power.

Although Utah is considered to be the reddest of the red states because it consistently elects Republicans, that does not mean that it is conservative nor does it mean that its moral compass is working.

With the virtual collapse of the Democrat Party as a viable entity in Utah because of its rejection of the social values held by Mormons who make up the majority of voters, the Republican Party has become the home for many Democrats because that is where the power to get things done lies. The net result is that the Republican Party now has progressives, liberals, libertarians, moderates, and conservatives all in a single party that controls all branches of Utah government.

The main thing that links these disparate elements together is their membership in the Mormon Church and, for a large percentage of the legislators, their willingness to subordinate their strongly held political beliefs to the demands of the Church.

With only limited exceptions, the few elected Democrats in the legislature stick together in their unquestioning support for illegal aliens.

On the Republican side, rural Republicans insist that agriculture has to have access to illegal alien labor in order to survive and they fight all efforts to restrict their ability to hire illegal aliens who are committing multiple job-related felonies.

The Democratic legislators and rural Republican legislators are joined by urban Republicans who are masterfully manipulated by the Salt Lake Chamber, which untiringly works to ensure that its members have access to a large, captive workforce of illegal aliens. Of course, the Chamber always frames the immigration issue as one of crops rotting in the fields rather than as a demand for low-cost construction, hospitality, and other workers who take positions that Americans will do.

A final group that generally comes down on the side of those exploiting illegal aliens for profit are doctrinaire, libertarian Republicans. These elected officials believe in totally open borders and the absolute right of employers to hire whomever they want regardless of the harm it does to American workers and the thousands of Utah children who are the victims of illegal-alien-driven identity theft.

During most of the past decade, this coalition of Democrats and disparate Republicans provided the votes needed to pass illegal-alien-friendly legislation, including a $5 million in-state tuition program and driving privilege cards for illegal aliens.

The Mormon Church intervenes whenever necessary to hold this coalition together in order to protect its large Latin American interests and to preserve its ability to baptize illegal aliens in the United States, even though these individuals are committing and continue to commit job-related felonies that impact hundreds of thousands Utahns, including thousands of Mormon children.

Shocked by the passage of E-Verify legislation in 2008 and 2010 and faced with the possibility that the legislature would pass strong enforcement legislation, abolish in-state tuition for illegal aliens, and end the issuance of driving privilege cards, the pro-illegal alien coalition – with the full support of the Mormon Church – reasserted its power in 2011.

Initially, the pro-illegal alien coalition implemented the disingenuous Utah Compact, then with the full force of the Mormon Church behind it, it passed a Utah guest worker program which is also known as either the “Employers Dream Act” or “Bramnesty.” This program relegates illegal aliens to virtual involuntary servitude.

When it appeared that the Employers Dream Act might fail, the Mormon Church's lobbyists strong-armed legislators into voting for it despite the fact that it went against Mormon principles of compassion, support for the of rule of law, and belief in free agency. On the other hand, Catholic Bishop Wester saw through what was going on and refused to support the legislation.

At the present time, there is no question that the power is firmly back in the hands of the powerful elite that supports illegal aliens.

The governor, leaders of both Houses of the Utah legislature, and a majority of the members of the legislature appear to be determined to consolidate the gains they made during the last legislative session.

They are also committed to killing any legislation that limits the ability of employers to hire illegal aliens or that adversely affects the Mormon Church's worldwide interests even if that means going against what is best for Utah and the nation.

The bottom line is that Utah's major business, political, civic, and religious leaders and organizations will continue to support illegal aliens for their own profit while willingly and knowingly sacrificing thousands of Utah children to illegal-alien employment-related identity theft.

Utah may be the reddest state in the nation but when it comes to illegal immigration it has lost its moral compass.


Middle East Terrorists Operating along Arizona Southern Border

The southern border of Arizona remains unsecure with a growing threat from those who detest America in every way and intend to destroy our country. This threat is not simply Mexican drug dealers, although they are posing an ever increasing and violent presence as they move into Arizona, and then launch their activities into 257 known American cities, according to the National Association for Retired Border Patrol Officers. A more ominous threat of the unsecure southern border into the U.S. is the increased activity of Middle Eastern terrorists. Since Oct, 2003, Border Patrol agents in the Tucson, AZ sector apprehended 5,510 illegals from countries other than Mexico, Central or South America.

In this Tucson sector, captured illegals were Middle Eastern and spoke Farsi or Arabic. A large number of these that were apprehended escaped capture and disappeared into the United States.

The Arizona desert is littered with evidence of illegals coming from countries that are violently opposed to and stated enemies of America; especially countries like Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, and the spreading al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah. Further evidence demonstrates the growing relationship and cooperation by these terrorist groups and drug cartels, as well as criminal gangs like MS-13.

Much of this activity stems from miles of open borders in Arizona, and the fierce open miles of desert unique to southern Arizona. One cannot fully appreciate, much less understand, the rough and unforgiving regions of desert unless you actually have been there – pictures alone will not suffice. Cartels and gangs have taken up residence on multiple pathways, created desert roadways, mountains and command activity within their dedicated region or sector. With military grade weapons, satellite communications, high powered vision aide, these scouts and small pockets of “soldiers” are becoming increasingly formidable. This aids in the movement of small groups of suspected terrorists through the desert deep into Arizona, and then to a final destination.


1. The U.S. Congress Committee on Foreign Affairs received testimony on February 2nd, 2012, that demonstrated Iran’s growing influence along the U.S. Border south of Arizona. Michael Braun, a former chief of operations for DEA, testified that Hezbollah has developed strong and sophisticated relationships with Mexican drug cartels. One dimension to this relationship is the control of the southern Border of Arizona, then corridors into every region of America.

2. There is growing “chatter” that Iran will strike the United States from within if Iran’s nuclear program is attacked. Once again, the southern Border of Arizona comes into focus, as a significant corridor for assets hostile to America to travel.

3. Besides Iran and Hezbollah, South American satellite terrorist-sponsoring nations like Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua are assisting with the massing and training of terrorists, weapons (including medium-range missiles), logistics and other support. Latin America is quickly becoming a platform from which an attack against the United States can be launched. This includes moving aforesaid terrorist groups, with cooperation from Mexican drug cartels, right up to the border south of Arizona and into Arizona, an activity that was revealed in testimony before the U.S. Congress Committee on Homeland Security, subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence on 7 July 2011.

4. Back in 2005, a captured ranking al-Qaeda agent revealed the plan to move nuclear materials from South America through the border and into America for attacks at a later date. Adnan ash-Shukrijumah, one of the world’s most wanted terrorists, it was learned, was chosen by bin Laden to serve as the field commander for the terrorist attack on U.S. soil. The code name: “The American Hiroshima” plan was affixed. This plan purportedly is to launch simultaneous explosions on American cities. American law enforcement agencies have been seriously looking for Adnan ash-Shukrijumah since 2005. The latest “FBI Most Wanted” reports (1/19/2012) indicate that Shukrijumah is still at large.

5. The Federal Government is proclaiming how border apprehensions are down 40%. This is misleading. What is not being shared with the public is the fact that Fed policy is to count only selected groups and allow others to go free or to turn south back to Mexico counting neither category.

This is a quick overview of just one segment of the multifaceted problems associated with the Arizona Border Wars. Although short, the contents should be alarming concerning the sophisticated and dedicated forces accumulating along Arizona’s Border.

The Federal Government knows all of this, and more. The general public does not. The Federal Government is quite aware the border (both the southern border and that along Canada) is porous in many ways, and true undesirables are streaming across. This briefing is not about the migrant looking for seasonal work, but about the hardened criminal, the dedicated terrorist whose plans are to destroy the United States of America in any manner possible.



  1. The American people, namely ' the increasing fathomless numbers of THE TEA PARTY" must unseat all radical Politicians, Governors, mayors, judges police chiefs and every elected official, city manager and councilman who are anti-sovereignty and pamper illegal aliens with taxpayer dollars. Their oaths of allegiance are meaningless to them as they have shown by their pro-illegal immigration agenda's. Antonio Villaraigosa, Los Angeles county mayor, the way he demonizes pro-sovereignty, anti-illegal alien activists should be one of the first to be recalled, as he answers to a government south of our border? Both political parties have been complicit in the flood of illegal migrants and immigrants that is estimated to be well over 20 million, not the numbers calculated by the US census bureau? Our only chance of stopping this scattering pestilence is to support the business mandatory E-Verify program and the Birthright citizenship Act that must be introduced in Congress right now.

    Frank Sharry, Founder and Director of pro-amnesty group America's Voice and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) went was caught up in a verbal confrontation in The Huffington Post. Sharry calls Chairman Smith's mandatory E-verify bill "anti-immigrant legislation" and "unworkable and expensive bureaucracy." Sharry claims the bill would "grant the federal government the authority to approve or disapprove every new hire in America." That is how it should be, and rejection from being hired. A relatively simple solution that guarantees foreigners begin Mitt Romney’s ‘self-deportation’ antidote, better known as Attrition through Enforcement. Of Course Sharry doesn't individualize between a legal immigrant and illegal immigrant as it should be acknowledged or the Liberal media.

    Rep. Smith defended E-Verify by saying the web-based program "quickly identifies illegal workers and protects jobs for citizens by checking Social Security numbers and ID of newly hired employees" and describes E-Verify as "free, quick and easy to use."

    Rep. Smith cites a Rasmussen poll which found that 82% of likely voters think all businesses should be required to use E-Verify. Sharry, this open border individual and is now so frustrated and angry that millions of businesses have chosen to use E-Verify--both voluntary and state mandatory, that this far left progressive is reduced to name calling.

    Sen. Lamar Smith’s E-Verify, “The Legal Workforce Act” is just tipping the scales and only needs a little more momentum from American voters to get this bill into Congress. The potential law has 74 co-sponsors and needs a final push of only 26 more lawmakers with a backbone; four of the co-sponsors are Democrats.

    Join the TEA PARTY, as the refugees from every other delusional political voter and vote a Tea Party senate and house into office, displacing all those politicians and elected officers who protect illegal migrants and immigrants and betrayed the lawful U.S. Populace. These old party agenda is profit, votes and exploitation, and are in collusion with churches, unions, foreign governments and radical organizations and special interest groups. Illegal immigration has been forced on taxpayers through ‘UNFUNDED MANDATES’. These acts include free health care, free schooling, and has attributed to the loss of safety-net for Americans; coerced on citizens and lawful residents by liberal influenced courts.

  2. Frosty Wooldridge said in his latest article:

    Every indicator that our country is failing shows up daily with 15 million unemployed, 7 million underemployed, 46 million Americans subsisting on food stamps, $700 billion annual trade deficit, $15 trillion national debt, endless wars that cost $15 billion monthly and thousands of kids dropping out of high school daily. I have said it before: illiteracy defines a third world country. With 42 million functionally illiterate Americans, we are well on our way. Nonetheless, Congress pumps over 125,000 immigrants into this country every 30 days. I am beyond exasperated as to why and how we can do this to our country.

    Learn more at NumbersUSA, how the government is defying the U. S. Constitution and the laws that govern us. Investigate even more the terrible penalty our nation pays, for unending spending on foreign nationals by Googling—“AMERICAN PATROL.” Seek out your politician either by phone at 202-224-3121, or go their office in person. Proclaim to them they are–OUT–if they vote for any kind of AMNESTY, disguised as Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Remember--this is not about any racial make-up, nationality or color, its strictly about illegal immigration, that America cannot afford any more. Even if your from Europe, the Pacific rim, Africa, Canada or any South American country; if you illegal, they should be detained and deported.

    When the States of Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Utah, Indiana and South Carolina is being financially crippled by the illegal alien invaders, it is undeniable that something smells of government corruption. These states have spoken out on behalf of their taxpayers, especially the border state of Arizona. Using fake ID, of exceptionally good quality unlawful nationals are able to qualify for food stamps, WICC and other public assistance programs. It is way past time that many incompetent administrations stopped this fraud? The only possible way is to issue every eligible US citizen and others able to qualify a National ID card, which can be substantiated?

    Our Social Security numbers and other documentation has been compromised, as seen in the overwhelming amount of victims that is unceasing spreading across our nation.

    Important: Voter fraud does exist and our only chance of fair and impartial elections, from now until the November Presidential is every citizen show official Identification. Non citizens have been registered to vote and will again in all electoral cycles, which could cause major issues in a close vote. Fake ID has been around for years, but is more prevalent now than ever before?