Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rubio’s Dream Act Is An “ICAN Act”: Intelligent, Responsible & Republican

By Linda Vega

Now that Republicans have formed a proposal for the young undocumented students in the U.S., the Democrats are crying foul. Democrats, et. al are “infuriated” because it is a plan based on an economic and responsible means that will help the U.S. economy and the plight of the youth living in limbo status. It helps to alleviate the fear of the many who are to become uneducated and who run the risk of living in the shadows of odd jobs, alias identities, and mounting fear of living in between worlds of the U.S. and that of a country that may well be foreign to them, their country of birth.

Liberals further scoff at the idea because it calls for the youth to remain in school, attend the military, or acquiesce to deportation. According to the plan put forth by Senator Marco Rubio, in order to qualify for the school option, students must attend and complete their education which would allow them the opportunity to obtain a student visa in the process. With this, they can obtain legal IDs and be able to travel without the fear that they will be detained and deported.

With the option of the military, they can choose to enlist in the military branch of their choice, Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines and make it their career or serve their time and seek to move on to their adjustment of status. If they choose to stay on this path, they will compete with everyone else who is on the path to Legal Permanent Residency by way of a Non-immigrant Visa. This idea seems unpopular to the liberals because it is intelligent, responsible, and Republican. Other than that, it offers a step forward to fixing the broken system that currently is cranking out results in an antiquated method.

A Non-immigrant Visa is a working Visa. “Nonimmigrants, unlike immigrants, enter the U.S. for a temporary period of time and are restricted to the activity consistent with their visas.” (Immigration Law Sourcebook, 12th Edition, Ira J. Kurzban). A non-immigrant Visa, then, is issued to a Foreign Visitor, who abides to the agreement that they do not intend to make it a permanent setting to seek Residency or Citizenship.

The visa that is issued is done so for work purposes. While the Visa is granted on a discretionary method, it is temporary but can be changed within the current and legal means while in the U.S. For example, in Rubio’s version of the Dream Act, the students can join the workforce and apply for another non-immigrant Visa that will place them on the path to Citizenship. They must, however, compete with other Visa holders who are currently in the labor market.

This may require Congress to add more Visas to be made available since there will be more job applicants vying for the limited number of Visas.

Subsequently, this could prove to be a win/win situation as the Visa applicants will be working and paying taxes, while the U.S. economy will be reaping the benefits of those taxes and an educated work pool.

In the end, the youth would be able to live in the U.S. without having to adjust their status via an embassy or consulate office that would have them leave the U.S. for an unknown period of time.

In hindsight, the act would have been better renamed as the Immigrant Children Adjusting Now, or ICAN Act. This would give it a healthy distance from the rancid feeling that liberals and grotesque militants have given to the Dream Act. In Senator Rubio’s version, undocumented students and Valedictorians like Daniela Pelaez, facing deportation in Miami, would be allowed to stay in the U.S. and would be able to attend school.

Furthermore, the act helps to alleviate the fear of separating families, especially the youth from their parents should they be detained and deported to a country that is now foreign to them. More importantly, the act helps to lead to a more secure America and one that could alleviate the ailing economy.

As the Obama Administration continues to deport 1.2 Million and counting immigrants (including detaining 3500 U.S. Citizens), it also has not offered any form of creative solutions to this complicated issue. Obama has used his Executive Power to “recommend” halting deportations and instead offers Prosecutorial Discretion to those awaiting to appear before an Immigration Judge.

However, this is hardly a solution to those seeking relief for the U.S. and its safety. This continuous state of limbo, prompted Senator Rubio in helping to guide the youth through this labyrinth of Immigration laws.

And if there is to be a reform in immigration in the next five years, let’s say, this is a bold and courageous effort that could finally prompt this Administration to act upon its overdue promises.


Obama attacks 'nominee' Romney on immigration
President Obama argued Friday that Mitt Romney has demonstrated "hypocrisy" on immigration reform and again pointed to the other side of the aisle to explain his administration's inaction on the kind of comprehensive immigration reform he'd promised.

"The only reason we do not have a law right now that has provided a citizenship not just for DREAM Act kids but for folks who are here, are law-abiding citizens, is because the Republicans have consistently demogogued the issue and have blocked action in Congress," Obama said in an interview Friday with Telemundo in which he refers to Romney as the Republican presidential nominee.

"This notion that somehow Republicans want to have it both ways, they want to vote against these laws and appeal to anti-immigrant sentiment when we have a nominee who said that Arizona laws -- which allow those same kids with Latino surnames to potentially be picked up [and] asked for their papers -- and then they come and say, 'But we really care about these kids and we want to do something about it.' That looks like hypocrisy to me," Obama said. Romney has voiced support for Arizona's tough immigration laws, as well as for a policy of "self-deportation" to encourage illegal immigrants to leave the country on their own.


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