Monday, June 24, 2013

The Amnesty Mob vs. America


You can try to put "conservative" lipstick on the lawless amnesty mob. In the end, however, it's still a lawless mob. The big government/big business alliance to protect illegal immigration got a lot of mileage using foolish Republicans Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan as front men. But the true colors of the open-borders grievance-mongers always show through.

After America said no to a pork-filled security-undermining amnesty bill in 2007, the No Illegal Alien Left Behind lobbyists changed their overtly thuggish tactics. They put down their upside-down American flags, stopped wearing their commie Che Guevara T-shirts and cloaked their radical "Aztlan" aspirations in the less divisive rhetoric of "reform" and "opportunity."

It was all just an act, of course. Inevitably, the mask has slipped. Over the weekend, illegal alien protesters descended on the private residence of Kansas Secretary of State and immigration enforcement lawyer Kris Kobach. As reported on Saturday, 300 amnesty activists marched into Kobach's neighborhood and barged up his driveway and right onto his doorstep. It's how the Alinskyite "community organizers" roll.

Shouting into a bullhorn and waving their fists from his front porch, the property rights-invaders dubbed Kobach "King of Hate" for his work representing border security activists and federal customs enforcement agents who are fighting the systemic sabotage of immigration law. Thankfully, Kobach, his wife and their four young daughters were not home at the time.

But the aggrieved amnesty demanders are not done yet. And Kobach is not the only one in their crosshairs.

After tea party activist turned Kansas state representative Amanda Grosserode condemned the mob action publicly on Facebook, racist insults and threats littered her page. Roberto Medina Ramirez wrote: "I'll give her something to be disgusted about!" Doris Lynn Crouse Gent chimed in: "OMG! Maybe her drive should be next." Matt S. Bashaw echoed the call: "Maybe her house should be next." Facebook user Jude Robinson also ranted on Grosserode's page: "Since Kobach steals taxpayer money spreading hate around the country, he deserves what he gets."

Dennis Paul Romero left this message for Grosserode: "(N)azi kkk and she is proud of it." A user writing as "Paul-says Fckmarkzuck" left death threats under Romero's comment: "Gotta start killing all the Nazis. Politicans (sic), bankers, and priests. Cops, lawyers, and Judges. ASAP." The same user added: "Just another b*tch that needs to die off already."

The radicals of Occupy Kansas posted an inflammatory photo of Grosserode with the race-baiting caption: "Kansas State legislator Amanda Grosserode says she is 'disgusted' by Hispanic protesters." Grosserode wasn't disgusted by their ethnicity. She was disgusted by their actions. No matter. Race/ethnic card: activated.

Gina Long pounced: "(S)he is stupid and doesn't like brown people." So did Diana Bauer: "Ah, poor Ms Grosserode; sorry that you find our Constitution so difficult to stomach. Or is it only whites that have the right to freedom of speech." One Lupe Ramirez left his own message for Grosserode: "We are starting our fundraising and campaign to unseat you. Do you not realize how many Hispanics are in Kansas. You no longer live in Dorothy's Kansas. You cannot represent your state, you don't even know who they are."

Grosserode isn't backing down. She told me Tuesday that she will remain "vigilant" and has given local law enforcement a heads-up. The conservative mom and lawmaker notes sadly that "there are some who would say that when you are in elected office that you should expect this kind of thing. I would disagree. No one deserves threats nor threats to their home and family."

But the amnesty vigilantes have no respect for borders, let alone private front porches, in their quest for another massive federal illegal alien bailout. They have no respect for law-abiding U.S. workers. They have no respect for law-abiding foreigners applying to get into our country the right and proper way.

As they besiege Capitol Hill this month demanding more rights and payoffs, take note: These groups do not stand for the American dream. They are a nightmare conglomeration of George Soros-funded social justice operatives, transnationalists and La Raza militants who detest U.S. sovereignty. National People's Action, which spearheads progressive "direct actions" at the private homes of their political foes and led the march on Kobach's home, is a "community organizing" nonprofit based in -- you guessed it -- Chicago.

NPA's past shakedowns have involved busing in protesters and schoolchildren (using public school buses) to invade the private property of their victims and intimidate their families. They relish their brass knuckles with this anthem:

         Who's on your hit list NPA?

         Who's on your hit list for today?

         Take no prisoner, take no names.

         Kick 'em in the (a--) when they play their games.

As I first reported in 2004, NPA is funded by the Tides Foundation, the Ben and Jerry's Foundation, and the MacArthur, Ford and Rockefeller foundations. It's also funded by your tax dollars. My research found that the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Massachusetts Department of Education had all given tens of thousands of dollars in grants to NPA members for left-wing activism, identity politics and illegal alien benefits.

Rubio, Ryan and other Republicans who've made common cause with these welfare-state goons have betrayed fundamental principles of limited government and the rule of law. They've allied themselves with the mob. There's nothing, not one thing, "conservative" about mass illegal alien amnesty. It's the complete Chicago-ization of America.



Oh Say Can You See The Contradiction?


As a proud Latino Conservative (yes, we do exist), I often find myself simply mystified by the blatant and despicable contradiction and hypocrisy so inherent in the entire illegal immigration campaign waged by the Left and its pet media, including Univision and Telemundo, the two powerful Spanish networks who clearly exhibit the same liberal bias so prevalent in mainstream media.  Imagine CNN, CNBC, and ABC wearing sombreros or dancing salsa and you have Univision and Telemundo.

Whenever I have my parents over for a visit, they ask me to turn on one of these channels so they can hear the news, and I reluctantly agree knowing full well that I am about to get a cold reminder of not only the despicable bias mentioned above but, perhaps worse, a healthy dose of the ridiculous hypocrisy and selective ire so fundamental to the mainstream media's pathetic liberal propaganda. Worse still, to hear and see Latinos claim to care about Latinos and then ignoring or bashing any who do not kneel at the altar of the Democratic Party is nauseating.

No sooner had I turned on Univision when I was hit with a report on the ignorant rants against 11-year-old Sebastian De La Cruz, the precocious and quite talented singer of America's Got Talent fame who was blasted in racist tweets after singing the national anthem before Game 3 of the NBA Finals in full Mariachi gear. There is no doubt that these despicable, ignorant rants directed at an innocent, talented boy in particular and Latinos in general are idiotic and wrong. However, what I cannot for the life of me understand is the hypocritical contradiction of those who sing Cielito Lindo out of both sides of their mouths.

The Univision reporters and anchors were outraged by the racist rants assuming Sebastian was an illegal immigrant, lumping all Latinos together, and demonstrating a profound resentment, intolerance, disdain, and even hatred of immigrants through a slew of names, labels, and vulgar references.  To punctuate their point, the network recounted Sebastian's wise suggestion that we should never judge a book by its cover, that respect and tolerance are instilled at home, and that he loves this country while equally loving his cultural roots as well. It was very touching to see this child's classy response to hate, but you would have to be touched in the head to not realize the laughable contradictions of Univision's backlash.

To begin with, Mexico's vile hypocrisy in demanding  wide-scale immigration reforms, lecturing Arizona on how to treat its immigrants, while treating its own illegal immigrants like trash is well-documented and utterly embarrassing.  Not surprisingly, the Univision report did not happen to mention Mexico's terrible record of abuse toward those who enter its borders illegally, perhaps because this reality does not fit the Left's script.  This hypocrisy is so blatant that even liberals recognize it.

Secondly, the report expressed disgust that anyone would assume that a Latino child was an illegal immigrant simply because he is a Latino or dressed as a mariachi. This follows the common liberal sentiment that profiling is inherently wrong because it lumps people together and makes assumptions about them, ignoring individuals' unique traits and backgrounds in the interest of some overriding agenda. Never mind that legal immigrants joining ranks with illegal ones, often demanding that the latter not be differentiated from them in any way promotes the very discrimination and profiling that the Left claims to abhor.  If legal immigrants lock arms with illegal ones, often singing the same tune of protest, are they not themselves promoting the notion that an immigrant, legal or not, is an immigrant?  Taken as a whole, this absurd situation results in legal immigrants lumping themselves with illegal ones and then arguing that it is wrong to lump all immigrants as illegal.

To listen to Univision, the liberal mainstream media, and all liberals, there is no distinction between illegal immigrants and legal ones. This is the context and the core of all arguments against the term "illegal immigrants" and in favor of using the term "undocumented", which is like calling a burglar a temporary possessor, a forger a creative financier, or a radical terrorist murdering his fellow soldiers a case of workplace violence. This should not surprise anyone familiar with the Left's penchant by creative euphemistic spin and semantic gymnastics to perfume what is fishy in their arsenal.

Lastly, Univision and Telemundo, the other major Latino network, gleefully splash images of crying children, hysterical wives, confused grandparents, wasted laborers, and frustrated scholars all lamenting the evil forces that are preventing them from realizing their dream of a better life. For every Sebastian De La Cruz proudly singing the National Anthem, happy to combine his cultural roots with being an American, there are many other immigrants stomping and cursing on the American flag and defiantly declaring that America will soon be all theirs.  Again, not surprisingly, Univision did not provide a report showing immigrants burning or spitting on the flag, which would have perhaps been a negative backdrop to their claims that all immigrants are just peachy about integrating and eternally grateful to this country for their new lease on life. Where are the reports on illegal immigrant crime rates?

Do not get me wrong; I believe that some kind of reform is needed whereby honest, hard-working, law-abiding immigrants sincerely trying to integrate and enhance our country with their virtues can be provided with a logical, fair, and clear path to citizenship. However, unlike liberal Latinos such as journalists Jorge Ramos and Maria Hinojosa, who have the dangerous combination of being Mexican mouthpieces with a powerful influence over Latino opinion in this country, I can objectively see both sides and seek a more balanced, fair, accurate, and unbiased portrayal of the immigrant issue.

The kind of blatant bias that we saw during the last major election whereby ABC let Jorge Ramos bash the Republican Party while ignoring a powerful speech by  Latina Governor Susana Martinez is the sort of vile, one-sided propaganda that renders Univision and Telemundo nothing more than the Spanish versions of CNN, CNBC, ABC, and NPR.

It is ignorant to bash a talented, proud kid singing the National Anthem just because of his culture or background while folks like Roseanne Barr, Michael Bolton, Hillary Clinton, and Cristina Aguilera, among others, have butchered it. I will take Sebastian's version any day over Roseanne's infamous crotch-grabbing rendition.  At the same time, it is despicable to ignore the fact that many immigrant protestors have burned and spit on the flag and illegal immigrants do, contrary to liberal fiction, actually commit crimes. Likewise, it is the height of vile absurdity to protest lumping all Latinos together while, you guessed it, lumping all Latinos together.  With the increasing power and influence of the Latino vote in this  country, conservatives who want to see the inside of the White House as tenants rather than tourists had better figure out a way to counteract this insidious propaganda..... pronto.


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