Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CIS roundup

For the blog, see here. The CIS main page is here.

1. Denying License Plates to Illegals, Too (Memorandum)

2. Police must share information on criminal immigrants (Op-ed)

3. Why Can't Immigration Statistics Be More Like Baseball Statistics? (Blog)

4. Another Reverse Nixon: Obama's Heath-Care-Benefits-for-Illegal-Immigrants-Maneuver (Blog)

5. The Rest of the Story … JPMorgan Gets $90 Million a Year from USCIS (Blog)

6. The Washington Post Publishes an Astounding Immigration Admission (Blog)

7. They Love Us in Ghana, or the Visa Lottery, Yet Again (Blog)

8. The Social Security/Migration Fraud That, Perhaps, Never Was (Blog)

9. Blood on the Tracks (Blog)

10. Univision Embraces Hispanic Victim Psychology (Blog)

11. Debate on the DREAM Act (Blog)

12. The Political Context of Enforcement (Blog)

13. What If? Some Unasked Questions about Immigration Reform (Blog)

14. The Naturalization Process and College Reunions: A Metaphor (Blog)

15. Obama's Immigration Dilemma (Blog)

16. Immigration Audits and the Politics of Appearance (Blog)

17. But We Like Our Criminals! Or, It Depends What the Meaning of 'Patchwork' Is (Blog)

18. ICE Denies Data to University Clearinghouse (Blog)

19. Department of Unhelpful Immigration Metaphors (4): 'Pathway to Citizenship' (Blog)

20. Restrictionists Meet with Population and Environmental Activists in D.C. (Blog)

21. Author Cites Migrant Abuse as Symptom of a Failing State (Blog)

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