Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thirty Reasons You Should Support Illegal Immigration and Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

1. America's emergency rooms and health care system are not crowded enough.

2. The U.S. needs more organized, violent gangs. Currently the U.S. has Salvadoran gangs; Vietnamese gangs, Filipino gangs, Armenian gangs, Russian gangs, Chinese gangs; Cambodian gangs; Bulgarian gangs, Dominican gangs, Mexican gangs, Haitian gangs. Continuing unrestricted immigration will increase this "diversity."

3. The U.S. carbon footprint is not large enough. Millions more immigrants will swell the population to enlarge the country's carbon footprint.

4. U.S. highways are not crowded enough. More traffic is needed.

5. The percentage of U.S. land that is not yet paved over and developed is far too small.

6. Prior to the days of unrestricted immigration the U.S. lacked a sufficient "diversity" of serious diseases. Unrestricted and illegal immigration has remedied that situation by reintroducing diseases formerly wiped out in the US and introducing new ones never before seen here: Leprosy, dengue fever, West Nile virus, treatment resistant TB, polio,

7. The U.S. needs more 9/11 style attacks. The 9/11 mass murderers were able to hide in plain sight among millions of other illegal aliens. In order to help future terrorists we must maintain a massive population of illegals.

8. Immigration lawyers need more business.

9. There is insufficient racial, ethnic, religious strife in the U.S. Immigration will provide a welcome increase.

10. Continuing high levels of immigration from the Mideast and Mexico guarantees that the number of voters who want to abandon Israel to destruction by its Moslem neighbors.

11. The U.S. does not have enough front groups for Hamas, Hezbollah and other Islamic terrorist organizations. Continued unrestricted immigration will enlarge the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and groups like it to rectify this lack.

12. The demonstrated propensity of Latin-American illegal aliens to drive while drunk will provide the needed increase in DUI's and additional deaths of innocent people

13. The ACLU favors illegal immigration.

14. Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the church to which he belongs (United Church of Christ) favor illegal immigration.

15. The Communist Party and other extreme left wing groups support illegal immigration.

16. Americans who have lived all their lives in the US currently have far too much medical care available to them and their quality of life must be reduced. That reduction can most easily be achieved by legalizing 20 to 30 million illegal aliens so they are eligible for the "free" benefits" of Obama's scheme. See reason 17

17. Obama's appointment of Donald Berwick, supporter of rationing of health care and central planning, will mean that even more of America's health care assets will be diverted from Americans who have paid taxes for decades to newly arrived lawbreakers.

18. America's schools are not crowded enough.

19. Only fifty-five languages are spoken the Los Angeles public school system. The cost and confusion created by this diversity has lowered quality a great deal, but it is possible to do worse.

20. With millions more poor illegals there will be a greater need for social workers, welfare workers, public school teachers and aides, more school lunch programs, more prisons, more police, more government workers of every kind. This will enlarge the number of voters reliant on the government for paychecks and will swell the membership rolls of the National Education Association, AFSCME, SEIU and other Democrat organizations.

21. The Democrat Party needs more voters.

22. The U.S. needs more socialism/Marxism. Adding tens of millions of poor immigrants demanding taxpayer-paid services guarantees the continued descent into loss of individual liberty.

23. The U.S. already produces too much petroleum. A larger population will make us even more dependent on foreign oil.

24. There is not enough urban sprawl in the U.S.

25. The Catholic Church's membership is increased by unrestricted immigration.

26. Not enough of Arizona's citizens have been murdered.

27. The Police Chiefs of Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Phoenix and other political hacks don't want to pick and choose which laws to enforce. More illegals will give them greater leeway to not enforce laws that adversely affect illegal aliens.

28. Tyson Foods needs more illegal alien employees

29. George Soros, a Nazi collaborator in World War 2 needs more lawbreakers in the U.S. who are beholden to his many open borders front groups.

30. Illegal alien gangs have not yet murdered enough African-Americans in Southern California. This process of ethnic cleansing is best accomplished by unrestricted immigration.

31. The Ford Foundation's thirty year campaign of de-stabilizing the American society has not realized its potential...yet.


No welcome in Canada for U.S. military deserters

Jason Kenney’s most memorable assault on U.S. war deserters seeking refuge in Canada occurred soon after he became immigration minister in October 2008.

Mr. Kenney dismissed them as “bogus refugee claimants,” a phrase that set off loud alarm bells among the deserters’ supporters because it was more loaded than anything said before by his Tory predecessors in the job.

In a memorandum to Mr. Kenney in February, Richard Fadden, his then-deputy minister, provided a thorough review of the issue that, among other things, laid out why all Iraqi war deserters’ claims for refugee status had failed so far with the Immigration and Refugee Board, the Federal Court of Canada and the Court of Appeal.

Mr. Fadden wrote that, whereas the UN High Commission for Refugees Handbook suggests a relevant factor to consider in a refugee claim is whether a deserter was drafted or joined the army voluntarily, deserters now coming to Canada from the U.S. had volunteered for military service.

Mr. Fadden -- recently named the new head of Canadian Security Intelligence Service -- also said the deserters have failed to make the case that the punishment they face back home for desertion could be regarded as persecution.

Other notes say refugee hearing officers have been advised to be “particularly vigilant” about refugee claims from such western democracies as the United States.

Mr. Kenney is the third Tory immigration minister to reject calls to establish a special program to facilitate permanent resident status to those who deserted the U.S. military to escape a war they say they cannot support on moral or religious grounds.

Supporters of the deserters admit they are discouraged, but they vow to keep pressing the government to show some compassion before more get eviction notices.

Two deserters have been forced to leave already and are serving jail sentences on desertion charges.

A handful of others could follow soon as they exhaust their legal options. Among them are Jeremy Hinzman, the first deserter to file for refugee status in Canada in 2004; Kimberly Rivera, the mother of three young children, one of whom was born in Canada; and Phil McDowell, an Iraqi war veteran who fled to Canada in 2006 rather than accept a call to report back to base as a reservist for a 15-month deployment to Iraq.

Michelle Robidoux, a spokeswoman for the War Resisters Support Campaign, says about 50 deserters have applied for refugee status and there are dozens more living below the radar, waiting to see how the legal and political battles play out.

Mr. Kenney accuses his critics of politicizing the process by asking for a political solution rather than trusting Canada’s “fair, internationally recognized” system for providing refuge to those fleeing persecution in their home country.

In an e-mail sent after she talked to Mr. Kenney, Ms. Molloy said she told the minister she applauds the government for finally recognizing Canada’s historical failure to protect Jewish refugees from crimes against humanity but that she can’t understand why it is “failing to protect refugees who refuse to commit crimes against humanity in Iraq.”

Alykhan Velshi, a spokesman for Mr. Kenney, objected to linking the Iraqi deserter issue to the Holocaust. “There is no similarity between the Mackenzie King government’s refusal to accept Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust with our unwillingness to create a special program for American war deserters trying to flee the Obama administration,” he said in an e-mail from Oslo.


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