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Australia: Asylum seeker flood highlights weakness in Malaysia people swap deal, opposition says

MORE than 800 asylum seekers - the amount the government wanted to send to Malaysia under its people swap deal to stop ongoing arrivals - have arrived in Australia in only a week.

Authorities yesterday reported two more new boats over the weekend, capping an extraordinary week-long period when 12 boats were intercepted between March 31 and April 6.

Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison yesterday seized on the arrivals to claim they showed the Malaysia solution cap would expire too easily given the frequent flow of boats.

In the latest arrival, a boat carrying 56 people was helped on Saturday after seeking assistance east of Christmas Island.

Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare also confirmed yesterday that another boat carrying 86 people also sought assistance northwest of Christmas Island on Friday afternoon.

"Border Protection Command has now transferred the passengers from both vessels to Christmas Island, where they will undergo initial security, health and identity checks and their reasons for travel will be established," he said in a statement.  "People arriving by boat without a visa after August 13, 2012, run the risk of transfer to a regional processing country."

Calls to Mr Clare's office about the amount of arrivals in the past week were not returned last night.

Mr Morrison said the continuing arrivals and Labor's insistence on championing the Malaysia solution showed it was time "for this government to go".

"People smugglers, cashed up from five years of profit under Labor, would have always easily overwhelmed the 800 cap on the Malaysia people swap deal and now they have shown they can do it in just one week," he said.

"Labor would rather cling to policy failure than immediately act to restore the full suite of Howard Government policies that got the job done."

A total of 37 boats arrived during March after 16 in February and 10 during the quieter monsoon season in January.

Since the government announced its offshore processing policy backflip in August, a total of 233 boats have arrived carrying almost 14,000 people.


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